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Automotive Timing Belt

Automotive Belts are available in PJ and PM cross-sections. The figure below shows a cross-sectional view illustrating the nominal belt’s dimensions — rib width and belt height. Automotive v belts will operate in standard pulleys provided the pulleys are manufactured to the DN 4 7867 or ISO 9982 standard for the specific cross-section. We are the best automotive belts dealer in UAE, providing high-standard products at an affordable price.


·         Trusted ribs ensure the ability to reduce heat build-up and improve rib crack resistance. They also enhance load-carrying capacity on small diameter pulleys.

·         High modules low stretch polyester tensile member provides superior resistance to fatigue and shock loads.

·         All elastomeric rubber compound provides oil and heat resistance. Specially formulated fiber-reinforced under cord stock Improves belt stability.


·         Extremely smooth and cool running.

·         Very high power capacity per rib

·         Long life due to extra load-carrying capacity.

·         Improved performance on back idlers

·         Smaller drive package.

·         Tolerant of pulley groove debris.

·         Static conductive (ISO 1813) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the Directive 94/9/AC.ATEX.

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