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Conveyor belts provided by Shibam S P Traders are an extremely versatile homogenous belt line encompassing a wide range of conveyor belting solutions. Our products come on the market with different features including various textured tops for applications requiring extra grip, flat smooth surfaces, and different shore harnesses and specialized fabrications.

All our conveyor belts used in the food industry are extruded in one piece and manufactured from our unique homogenous TPE materials giving them different and state-of-the-art characteristics for every food application.

Shibam S P Traders, one of the leading conveyor belt suppliers in UAE, provide the highest quality possible food conveyor belts. Our expertise, values, and processes make sure safety and health are the first priority. Conveyor belts continuously loop around carrying the products or items. It is driven by pulleys or drives to move items. They are not only used in food but in other manufacturing items as well.

Why Should You Use Our Conveyor Belts?

· No hinges, modules, or crevices that may harbor bacteria or break apart
· No plies or seams that may fray or delaminate
· Very Easily cleaned on-site
· Improve production uptime
· Reduces overall conveying costs to a great extent
· The cleaning process can be done only using very less water and chemicals
· Less cost for treatment of wastewater
· Lower bacteria counts

Food Safety is Our Major Concern

Shibam S P Traders’ food conveyor belts ensure complete food safety and are used all across the food industry from product transfer to food processing lines. At our shop, we maintain a quality system that incorporates every stage in the production of food conveyor belts and packaging lines.
As a result, our wide line of belts not only meets the highest standards for reliability and quality but is also compatible with the toughest international hygiene standards for food contact materials. We have the products to fulfill the need of different production processes and they are sanitary and suitable for use with food. Each of our conveyor belts is expressly designed for the food industry and which satisfy a range of different production requirements.
At Shibam S P Traders, we are proud to allow you to buy conveyor belts at an unbeatable price. No matter whether you have a need to cut, transport, or accumulate the product, we here recommend the ideal conveyor belt and have it installed to the highest standard.
We are constantly supplying new conveyor belting solutions for use in the food industry. All our products adhere to a set of food hygiene guidelines and only use materials ideal for food transportation. We include conveyor belts that are highly reliable and rarely suffer from any maintenance issues. Speak to one of our belting experts at Shibam S P Traders today! We will try to arrange the most suited product for you at the prices that you can afford!

A Brief Look Into What We Do?

As the official supplier of industrial automotive belts, Shibam S P Traders holds a comprehensive range of conveyor belts in stock at a very low price. At our company, we ensure we can dispatch our order the very same day. We are also known for delivering world-class special timing belts and banded belts. People from all across the UAE also call us a big distributor of pulleys, bearings, and oil seals.
Shibam S P Traders carries a huge assortment of products from various reputed brands such as Carlisle, Mitsuboshi, Gates, Goodyear, Bando, Contitech, and Contitech. Here you will find a huge choice, so we are quite confident that we offer the highest quality service and support available in the UAE today. At our company, we strive to provide you with an unbeatable choice in belt products.
Our belts and pulleys can be used in applications with high speeds and low torques such as pumps, and speed reducers for gearboxes and fans.
For help in identifying the appropriate belt or pulley required for your application, please contact your nearest Shibam S P Traders where our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team is waiting to assist.

Have a look at some of our major products:

· V-belts
· Timing and Conveyor Belts
· Special Timing Belts and Banded Belts
· Pulleys, Bearings & Oil Seals

Salient Features of our Products:

· Low stretch
· Uniformity in Thickness & Width
· Homogeneous cut
· Higher longitudinal & transverse strengths
· Lighter in weight so consuming less power
· Higher levels of adhesion
· Improved resistance to flex fatigue test
· Controlled elongation
· Available in a variety of colors and designs

Food Conveyor Belts UAE

· Food Conveyor Belts Abu Dhabi
· Food Conveyor Belts Ajman
· Food Conveyor Belts Al Ain
· Food Conveyor Belts Dibba Al Hisn
· Food Conveyor Belts Dubai
· Food Conveyor Belts Khor Fakkan
· Food Conveyor Belts Ras Al-Khaimah
· Food Conveyor Belts Sharjah
· Food Conveyor Belts Umm Al-Quwain

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