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Developed by polyflex belts and produced to patented manufacturing processes, Gates Polyflex® JB™ belts provide more load-carrying capacity at higher speeds to small precision multiple V-belt drives. This results in significant cost savings and improved design freedom. Polyflex® JB™ belts are recommended for use on bench-type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc. They are available in 3M-JB, 5M-JB, 7M-JB, and 11M-JB sections.

Polyurethane multiple V-belt


·         Joined belt construction improves stability.

·         Ribs relieve bending stress on small pulleys and provide lateral rigidity.

·         60° angle provides more undercard support to the tensile section and distributes the load more evenly.

·         Small cross-section meets special application needs such as high shaft speeds, small drive package size and smooth running requirements.

·         High modulus polyurethane compound with a high friction coefficient.

·         The precise casting method eliminates overlaps and layers.

·         Excellent adhesion of tensile cords and polyurethane compounds leads to high fatigue resistance and long belt life.

·         Extra toughness. The polyurethane compound resists fatigue, wear, and ozone.


·         Long belt life on small pulleys and compact drives.

·         Greater shaft speeds, up to 30,000 rpm.

·         High performance and smooth running for precision applications.

·         Cost savings and design freedom.

·         Avoids vibrations when subjected to shock loads.

Temperature ranges from -54°C up to +85°C.

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