The multi-ribbed belt design contains the power transmission capabilities of a V belt and it contains the flexibility of a flat belt. This belt is more durable compared to a standard V belt. And with the appropriate distribution of power over all parts of the drive surface helps to achieve uniform load distribution, smooth running, better tolerance to shock, and greater stability. These things lead to great durability.

PK belts consist of a number of things that make them more durable. Here are some of the most important information about gates pk belts.    

  • Tension Member: This is a low stretch, high strength tension member and it helps to withstand shock loads on drives with fixed centers.
  • Rubber Ribs: In the ribs, synthetic rubber is used to offer support to the tension member and to transmit the loads to the pulley. This rubber is a great heat-resistant example.
  • Backing Material: This material offers abrasion resistance. This is a bias-ply type fabric and it helps by resisting cracks.
  • Insulation Material: To bond the tension member to the complete belt, heat-resistant rubber is used. And this is the best choice as well.

With the help of part number, you will come to know about belt size. You will not see the specific belt size anywhere else, with the help of part number only you will get the exact bet number. In the part number, the first number gives information about the number of ribs i.e. 5 is 5 ribs. The other things come in the letter form and it indicates the rib section. i.e. PK means belt length in millimeters. If you find the word like PKE, it means elastic or stretches fit belt. And if you find the word like PKD, it indicates a double-sided multi-rib belt. And in this belt, the end series indicates the length of the belt in millimeters. i.e. 1013 means the effective length of the belt is 1013mm.  

If you are searching for a durable quality PK belt, always buy them from a genuine vendor. There is plenty of manufacturers and suppliers of PK belts available in the market, Gates PK belts have been proven to be the best. You can read the reviews online provided by the customers. This will help you to find the best quality belts.  

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