Product Details

The MITSUBA metric wedge V-belts are oil and heat resistance, and they are antistatic. The belt core compression rubber compression zone which is resistant to intensive heat stresses and compressions as well as the power transmitting cord, is wrapped in a fabric cover that provides both protection against external influences and uniform friction against the pulleys. Our 2-Ply Cover fabric is designed for SPB, SPC, and 8V. Stiff cord comstrution is designed to suit SPB, SPC, and 8V section.


The MITSUBA metric wedge V-belts are used in industrial and agricultural machinery. They are specially suitable for drives with high belt speeds. The metric V-belt use up to 50% smaller pulley width than the classical dimension, allowing more compact drives. Since most new drives use universal pulleys, the classical belt can in most cases be replaced with a narrow V-belt, thereby achieving better power transmission and longer belt life.


  • SPZ/3V
  • SPA
  • SPB/5V
  • SPC
  • 8V/25N

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