Rubber timing belt

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Precious Rubber Elastomer

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Dimension Stabilizing

Stronger adhesion between raw materials and core wires

High Wearability

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

Low Noise

Cap layer of cloth on tooth surface


Maximum Achievable Linear Speed

Low Pretension Force

Dispense with Prestress

Dispense with Maintenance

Dispense with Lubricate Oil

Better Flexibility

Molecular Structure Proves Character

High Temperature Resistance

Nonconductor, Slow Heat Conducting

Vulcanization Molding

Super High Strength

Precious Core Wire and Processing Technology

Stable Transmission

Deeper meshing between complete transmission scheme design and belt pulley

Precise Flute Profile

Flute Profile Projection, Data Exhibition

Optimal Material Selection

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

It adopts high-quality neoprene as the main raw material, which is more resistant to high temperatures; in addition, it is equipped with a variety of auxiliary materials for different purposes. The skeleton material is high-quality glass fiber cord/steel core, and the toothed surface is protected by nylon 66 high elastic cloth.
P/mm 2.032 5.080 9.525 12.700 22.225
40 50 40 40 40
S/mm 1.14 2.57 4.65 6.12 12.57
Ht/mm 0.51 1.27 1.91 2.29 6.35
Hs/mm 1.14 2.30 3.60 4.30 11.2

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