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Despite a number of years of experience in power transmission products, we are striving to improve and upgrade to add value to our industrial automotive belts. We are now in the progress of developing new and outstanding belt products. These exclusive selections of products are used in many industrial and automotive belting systems. We through our team of professionals try to offer supply these belts in order to meet superior standards and customer requirements. All our customers are also provided with a comprehensive range of industrial automotive belts, which are of great quality and impart hassle-free performance, even in adverse weather conditions. These qualitative belts are used in numerous industrial applications, in domestic and offshore industries and can be availed at a very reasonable price. At Shibam S P Traders, we also supply a huge array of conveyor belts that have plenty of industrial applications, and these devices that we offer are appreciated for efficiency, quality, durability, and friendliness. We are a leading supplier and dealer of automotive V belts, automotive belts, industrial timing belts, variable speed belts, V belts, ribbed V belts, and all kinds of other belts used in auto, and motorcycle, household appliances,s, and other industries. We are proud to offer an extensive product range of industrial automotive belts. Our quality product range, including special timing belts and banded belts, has successfully expanded the market share, with a large number of customers at home and abroad. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, and other countries and regions. Shibham Belting is a global leader in manufacturing automotive belts in the UAE. One of the leading automotive belt dealers in the UAE, we focus on the industry’s most latest and efficient process to give you the product with the highest quality possible. Our research and development make sure products are top-notch. Choose the right belt for your needs, it will make sure your profit is maximized and production is efficient.


The MITSUBA metric wedge V-belts are oil and heat resistance, and they are antistatic. The belt core compression rubber compression zone which is resistant to intensive heat stresses and compressions as well as the power transmitting cord, is wrapped in a fabric cover that provides both protection against external influences and uniform friction against the pulleys. Our 2-Ply Cover fabric is designed for SPB, SPC, and 8V. Stiff cord comstrution is designed to suit SPB, SPC, and 8V section.

Mitsuba Belts

Get Quality Mitsuba Belts in UAE

In this super-competitive market, some forget that people need quality over quantity. It’s a perfect solution. Quality always wins over quantity. And at Shibam, we work unremittingly to bring you the best quality Mitsuba belts in UAE. Speaking of best quality products, we are more than proud to announce that we have teamed up with Mitsuba to serve you top-notch V-belts, automotive belts, etc. And just like our relationship with Gates, Mitsuba products in the entire Gulf region will be available with us exclusively. A little about Mitsuba: It’s one of the global leaders in supplying automotive, industrial and automotive belts and has a total valuation of around 3 Million US Dollars. Its head office is based in Thailand, but they do ship to other countries as well, and their most recent association is with us being the sole distributors of their belts in the GCC. Its wide range of automotive belts includes classical raw edge belts, automotive timing belts, automotive poly-v belts, banded clogged belts, and scooter belts. And the best part is that all of them have longer life spans as compared to other manufacturers.


The MITSUBA poly V-belt, also termed multi-ribbed belt, with the characteristic V-ribs which is resistant to oil and temperature stresses, static dissipating. The belts are developed to improve capacity with outstanding performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys. We offer full cord construction, such as nylon cord, polyester cord, glass cord, aramid cord.


The MITSUBA poly V-belt, also termed multi-ribbed belt, with the characteristic V-ribs which is resistant to oil and temperature stresses, static dissipating. The belts are developed to improve capacity with outstanding performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys. The V-profiles of the belt are in a special formulated rubber compound with direction oriented fibres that cut noise and provide very high flexibility and stability.

Rubber timing belt

Precious Rubber Elastomer

ONLIVE provides a variety of standard projects
and special products designed to meet the needs of specific customers.
You can find our main products below.
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Dimension Stabilizing

Stronger adhesion between raw materials and core wires

High Wearability

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

Low Noise

Cap layer of cloth on tooth surface


Maximum Achievable Linear Speed

Low Pretension Force

Dispense with Prestress

Dispense with Maintenance

Dispense with Lubricate Oil

Better Flexibility

Molecular Structure Proves Character

High Temperature Resistance

Nonconductor, Slow Heat Conducting

Vulcanization Molding

Super High Strength

Precious Core Wire and Processing Technology

Stable Transmission

Deeper meshing between complete transmission scheme design and belt pulley

Precise Flute Profile

Flute Profile Projection, Data Exhibition

Optimal Material Selection

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

It adopts high-quality neoprene as the main raw material, which is more resistant to high temperatures; in addition, it is equipped with a variety of auxiliary materials for different purposes. The skeleton material is high-quality glass fiber cord/steel core, and the toothed surface is protected by nylon 66 high elastic cloth.
P/mm 2.032 5.080 9.525 12.700 22.225
40 50 40 40 40
S/mm 1.14 2.57 4.65 6.12 12.57
Ht/mm 0.51 1.27 1.91 2.29 6.35
Hs/mm 1.14 2.30 3.60 4.30 11.2


The MITSUBA scooter belt has high endurance with lateral pressure of pulley and shows good conformity with CVT system. High modulus bottom fabric makes it possible to increase flexibility and enhanced compression makes more anti-heat resistance of the belt.


The MITSUBA scooter belt specially designed for variable speed applications tailored for maximum range rigidity for full tensile cord support. The belt tailored manufacturing for the variable speed drive and scooter needs.


  • W. GRADE


  • 5LW-7641-00-1
  • 23100-K VB-9010-M1
  • 27601-46G00
  • Full Range

Shibam Belting: Your Trusted Scooter Belt Supplier

Are you a scooter enthusiast looking to keep your ride running smoothly? Well, your search can end here! Let us at Shibam Belting give you the best scooter belts in UAE that will improve your riding experience. If you are planning to be zipping through the city traffic or exploring scenic routes, our scooter belts ensure optimal performance and reliability.

What are Scooter Belts?

A scooter belt is also known as a drive belt, is used in a scooter's transmission system. It is this belt that is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, allowing for smooth acceleration and movement. Think of it as the heart of a scooter's drivetrain, ensuring that power is efficiently delivered to propel you forward. Scooter belts are highly versatile;therefore,it is one of the most important parts for various types of scooters. They are used in motor scooters, so that there is efficient transfer of power from the engine to the rear wheel. In electric scooters, they are important for transmitting power from the motor to the wheels, ensuring smooth acceleration and consistent performance. And guess what this makes the motor scooter eco-friendly as well. Also, Scooter belts are essential in recreational scooters, spanning from leisurely park rides to adventurous off-road excursions.

Why Choose Shibam Belting as Your Scooter Belt Supplier?

Now, why should you trust us for your Scooter belt needs? Here is why:
  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in delivering top-quality timing Scooter belts in UAE that meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring reliability and durability. We procure from reliable vendors, who use quality material in the production process.
  • Wide Range of Options: Whether you have a vintage Vespa or a modern electric scooter, we offer a diverse range of scooter belts to suit various makes and models. From standard replacements to high-performance upgrades, we have you covered.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that no two applications are the same, which is why we offer customizable Scooter belt solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Expertise and Support: With years of experience in the industry, each of our team of experts is here to assist you providing both technical support and guidance.
Never let worn-out belts slow you down. Contact us or visit our shop to find the perfect belt for your scooter.

Special processing

TPU Thermoplasticity Polyurethane Elastomer

Polyurethane special processing can be divided into gel-filling
(red/green rubber, patterned rubber, PU, high-temperature resistant felt, etc.)
and PU special belt
(punching, slotting, milling teeth, adding stoppers, adding conducting bars, double-sided teeth, etc.) .
According to different working conditions and needs,
it can be customized for clients
(customized PU special belt adopts professional automation equipment
with high production efficiency,
high product precision and stable quality).

Timing Belt

Timing Belt

We have emerged as a prominent supplier of timing belts. The superlative range of our commonly offered products includes timing belts, v beltsindustrial automotive beltstiming conveyor belts, and more. These products are procured from authorized and reputed manufacturers like Gates, which use high-grade material in their making. Our gates timing belts are appreciated worldwide for their high performance, durability, high material strength, and other quality features. This has helped us in attaining total client satisfaction. During the procurement process of these products, our team of experienced and highly knowledgeable agents makes sure that the entire range matches national and international standards of quality. Our continuous efforts have helped us in etching exponential growth in a very short period of time. Our timing belt provided by Shibam S P Traders is OE-equivalent or better in service life and performance. We are a result-oriented firm, engaged in timing belt supplier in UAE. These are manufactured at the end of our vendors using qualitative material. Offered huge belt range is provided to our huge clientele in different sizes and widths so that they can easily avail from us in tune with their requirements. All our offered belt products are fully quality tested to eradicate flaws. At Shibam S P Traders, we have established a highly advanced delivery mechanism in order to deliver these products to the destinations of our clients within the given time frame. The exclusive timing belt range provided by us is fabricated applying the finest quality rubber of varied pitches, in synchronous double sides. We offer these belts in standard and customized forms as per the convenience of the clients. These products are procured from reliable vendors, who use quality material in the production process. Certain characteristics of our gates timing belts include: ·         These belts have noise levels lower than chains and gear and do not require lubrication. ·         High Power transmission capacity with higher transmission efficiency as well as static conductive. ·         These products are maintenance-free and can deal with high dynamic stress. ·         They require little pre-tensioning and are best suited for back tension pulleys. Here we are proud to allow you to go through an extensive variety of timing belts for sale. As the most reputed timing belt suppliers, we try to provide our clients with reliable products at competitive prices. At Shibam S P Traders, we are aimed at offering excellent customer service in order to ensure complete satisfaction and turn every single purchase into a long-term and mutually satisfying partnership.


High strength, high durability belts manufactured from state of the art materials to ensure quiet running and long life. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from industry-leading materials using up-to-date equipment, it ensures everlasting reliability and enduring value.


The MITSUBA Industrial TIMING BELT PK PLUS is offering rubber timing belts with on back poly-V ribbed PK belt perfectly designed for the flour mills and rice industries. Perfect combination of best chloroprene and fiber grade materials, our rubber teeth compound offers tooth pitch matching and high wear and vibration resistance. Features minimal friction, our cover fabric will allow perfect positive engagement with pulleys while ensuring great wear and abrasion resistance.



The MITSUBA Industrial TIMING BELT Ultra Max High precision Improved transmission precision thanks to a 50% reduction in operational elongation leads to higher equipment precision. There is no need for belt retensioning. High strength Transmission capacity is double that of the previous Timing Belt. Space saving designs such as narrow widths and a smaller number of teeth are also available.