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The MITSUBA Timing Belt is designed with tooth profile feature better stress desperation and less noise drive at high speed operation. The belt is smooth engagement with the pulley, giving more power, longer service life, and greater dependability with the high ratio or high speed drives. We offer wide range for Automotive Application, such as, Japanese, Korean, Americans, and European Vehicle. Spec: CR (Suitable for Aftermarket) : FHN (Suitable for OES, Aftermarket) : H.NBR (Suitable for OES, OEM)


The MITSUBA Industrial Timing Belt is superior timing belts for various types of synchronous drives, with performing on a wide range of load capacities and speed ratios. The belt is non-slip engagement with constant angular velocity, relatively maintenance-free, and economical.

Timing pulley

High Accuracy Timing Pulley under Database Management

It adopts British ACEDES hard alloy hob
with six-axis high-precision CNC gear hobbing machine.
Our standards are far beyond the GB national standards.
Every belt wheel is manufactured through data projection from Japanese KEYENCE equipment
to ensure that the R angle of each wheel
is more perfectly meshed with the timing belt.
Through data management,
the manufacturing process of each wheel can be traced.

High Accuracy

Advanced Technical Support

High Standards

Our standards exceed far beyond GB national standards

High Quality Device

Adopts worldwide advanced equipment

Products are traceable

Database Management and Production

Abundant Models

Multiple Optional Models

Optimal Material Selection

Strict Control of Selection Standard

Accurate Data

KEYENCE Projection Equipment

Timing pulls icon

Carefree After-sale Service

Professional After-sale Team

Shibam Belting: Your Trusted Timing Pulley Supplier

Looking for pulleys that work smoothly and correctly for according to your purpose? Well, you are in luck! At Shibam belting, we know how important timing pulleys are for all kinds of jobs, and we are here to give you exactly what you need. You can say goodbye to timing pulleys that were always a headache for you and say hello to the best timing pulley in UAE, that work like a charm.

What are timing pulleys?

Timing pulleys are the important component in machines, that work alongside timing belts to transmit rational motion correctly. Imagine just like the gears fitting together to move a clock, timing pulleys synchronise the movement of different parts of the machinery, making sure that there is smoothness andaccurate operation. These pulleys have specially designed teeth that mesh with the teeth of a timing belt, so that there is no slipping andmaintaining correct timing.

Where are timing pulleys used?

If you work in some of the following industries, like automotive or manufacturing or any other industry timing pulleys will be useful. In Automotive Industry timing pulleys play a very important role in synchronizing the movement of camshafts and crankshafts in internal combustion engines, making sure that there is optimal performance and maximum fuel efficiency. Textile machinery relies on timing pulleys to control the precise movement of spindles and rollers. In printing presses, these pulleys ensure accuracy of paper feeds and print head movements, giving clear prints. In packaging industry, timing pulleys coordinate conveyor belt movements, for packaging processes from filing to sealing.

Numbering Rule of Pulley Belt Products

Material No.

Product materials







Steel #45



Stainless Steel

For example: HTPA25S8M250-A-N17

HTPA : It indicates that the timing pulley pulley is made of aluminum alloy 
25 :It indicates the number of teeth of the timing pulley
S8M :It indicates the model and pitch of the timing pulley
A :It indicates the shape of the timing pulley
N17 :It indicates that there are keyway and screw hole in the inner bore of 17

Shape Collection of Synchronous Belt Pulley (F stands for rib, S stands for no rib)

A Type Belt Pulley(AF Belt Pulley)

B Type Belt Pulley(BF Belt Pulley)

C Type Belt Pulley(CF Belt Pulley)

W Type Belt Pulley

E Type Belt Pulley

F Type Belt Pulley

Specification of Axle Hole

Timing pulls size chart

Round Hole

Timing pulls size chart

Round Hole + Threaded Hole

Timing pulls size chart

Elongated Hole

Timing pulls size chart

Elongated Hole + Threaded Hole

Timing pulls size chart

V Shaped Stepped Hole

Timing pulls size chart

F Shaped Stepped Hole

Timing pulls size chart

Y Shaped Double-ends Stepped

Dimension Table of Keyway

Plane and Profile Dimension of Keyway(GB/T1095—0-1979)

Timing pulls chart
Timing pulls chart

Remarks: When the axle hole is 10, the width of keyway is 4.0mm and the depth of keyway is 1.8, the axle hole shall be shown as NK10.

Why Choose Shibam Belting as your Timing pulley supplier?

Now, why should you trust us for your timing pulley needs? Here is why:

  • Quality Products: We offer high-quality timing pulleys that meet or exceed industry standards. We are aware that you prioritize reliability and durability in your purchase and therefore Shibam belting is known for delivering these aspects.
  • Variety of Options: At Shibam belting, you can choose from a wide range of timing pulleys, that cater to various sizes, materials, and if any specifications. So that you get to find the exact products that suits your needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: With a focus on cost-effectiveness, we ensure you receive superior products at affordable rates, setting a benchmark in the industry for competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We have been known for outstanding customer service. Because we provide timely responses to inquiries, offer technical support and ensure smooth transactions from order placement to delivery.

Do not let inefficiencies hold you back. Reach out to us at Shibam Belting, our experts will be more than happy to guide you with the correct and best timing pulley for your needs. Experience the precision and reliability of timing pulleys today!

TPU belt series

Polyurethane Open Belt

Unlimited Length

Polyurethane Connection Belt

Economical Driving Conveyor

Polyurethane Seamless Belt

High Load, High Strength, High Tensile

Dimension Stabilizing

Stronger adhesion between raw materials and core wires

High Wearability

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

Low Noise

There can cap layer of cloth on tooth surface


Maximum Achievable Linear Speed

Low Pretension Force

Dispense with Prestress

Dispense with Maintenance

Dispense with Lubricate Oil

Green and Environmental Protection

Recoverable Raw Material

Lower Elongation

Stronger adhesion between core wires and TPU

Extrusion Molding

Tension Control

Special Technology and Precise Tension Control

Precise Flute Profile

Flute Profile Projection, Data Exhibition

Stable Transmission

Deeper meshing between complete transmission scheme design and belt pulley

Optimal Material Selection

Adopts Superior Raw Materials

A variety of strong layers available for customization, and polyurethane is integrated (by covered). The products take on the performance of security, environment friendly, high elasticity and abrasive resistance, as well as the outstanding characters of dynamic flexing and anti-cracking; at the same time, they also have the excellent ageing resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics.
P/mm 2.032 5.080 9.525 12.700 22.225
40 50 40 40 40
S/mm 1.14 2.57 4.65 6.12 12.57
Ht/mm 0.51 1.27 1.91 2.29 6.35
Hs/mm 1.14 2.30 3.60 4.30 11.20


Shibam S P Traders offers a comprehensive variety of transmission belts for automotive and industrial sectors. Find here high-quality timing belts and transmission belts from various top brands such as Contitech. You can also browse a wide selection of branded transmission belts at competitive prices. Together with our globally recognized manufacturers such as Carlisle Power Transmission, we are proud to offer a complete power transmission package from the initial design, to supply, to installation. With different industrial belt combinations available at our store, we have the ability to handle virtually any power transmission application in key markets such as industrial machinery, construction, HVAC, mining, petroleum, agricultural, lawn and timber, garden, automotive, and recreation.

Our best quality transmission belts offer potential cost savings in running costs, energy bills, downtime, and overall operating cost. These products are made with stringent quality controls. We carry products of those manufacturers who aim towards product quality improvements and the development of the new system design. Some major features of our products are high resistance to abrasion, excellent flexibility with high tensile strength and minimum elongation, and long service life. At Shibam S P Traders, we are known for delivering specialty belting according to the needs of our customers. We through our transmission belts for sale ensure provide you with the products with the utmost quality and at a very affordable price.

V Belt Supplier Saudi Arabia

Shibam S P Traders is a top-notch supplier of exclusively-designed and reasonably-priced V belts in Saudi Arabia. All our products provided by our store speak about the utmost performance. We supply and import products from only those manufacturers who use high-quality raw materials. Today, our extensive range of V belts is not only appreciated by various industries in the UAE, but many individuals from the international industrial and automotive market also prefer to use them.

We have stock a wide range of Multi Rib V Belts for our esteemed clients. All our products are basically long-lasting belts, which is really great when it comes to generating a power capacity gain that is 80% higher than RMA standard ratings. Products available at our store are tested at various levels to ensure their quality.

The high-performance V Belts are designed for heavily loaded, high-speed drives. At Shibam S P Traders, we are proud to introduce an extensive range of belts that are made using high-quality materials to provide a high-performance level.

As a supplier of V Belts in Saudi Arabia, we offer products in various special constructions. Our primary aim is to provide high-quality, technically efficient, and cost-effective drive systems for our valued clients. When you are going to buy the best quality V belts, nothing could be better than trusting our brand.


V Belt Suppliers in UAE

Shibam S P Traders is a leading supplier and importer of high-quality and affordable V Belts. All of our products are procured from the most renowned and reputed vendors of the industry where they are made using the best quality raw materials. They are used in various different industries and are widely appreciated by a number of clients all across the world. Your engine has a number of mechanical accessories attached to it, such as an alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and an air conditioner compressor. A drive belt is a part that drives all these accessories. A drive belt is made of durable rubber-based material. Because of the way their rubber teeth are tapered, V belts are also known as Drive belts.


Owing to our sound experience, we have been quite successful in offering the best quality V belts to our esteemed clients across the UAE and GCC. The offered belt products find their wide applications in industries such as tiles, textile, paper, packaging, and food processing. We source these products from various leading brands, including Carlisle, Mitsuboshi, Gates, Goodyear, Bando, Contitech, Contitech, and Gates V Belts. At Shibam S P Traders, all products are stringently checked by experienced quality analysts on varied parameters to ensure their high durability before delivering the products to our customers.

Customers can buy v belts in GCC from us in variegated sizes as well as specifications as per their requirements. Owing to the high durability, lightweight, flexibility, excellent load-bearing capacity, and superior strength, our V belts are now widely applauded in this competitive market. As one of the quality v belts suppliers in GCC, Shibam S P Traders strive to offer the finest quality v belts to meet the increasing demands of the industries across all sectors. Our customers from across the world feel proud to mention that our wide product range has demonstrated quality and lowest price available. The key point to mention is that our huge team of professionals with their high dedication and the efficient technical process has made these industrial products a success icon. Our range of products offers value for money to our clients at competitive prices.