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Transmission Belts Designed for Specific Industrial Needs

Transmission belts are the cheapest means of power transmission between a belt and a pulley. They are used to transmit power between shafts which does not require to be aligned axially. Industries which require heavy usage of big machines, for example, petrol industries prefer to use these belts as they provide excellent strength. These belts also have prolonged durability and are built to perform even under harsh weather conditions.

Industries usually deal with two kinds of systems namely chain-driven systems and belt-driven systems. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but the advantage of a belt-driven system is that different levels of speed can be attained with the help of pulleys. The belt-driven system also requires more space and has exclusive features that allow them to operate at a reduced radius without the need for any kind of lubrication. Belt-driven systems are also considerably quieter than chain-driven systems. They require minimal upkeep and performance-wise it provides excellent services.

We offer transmission belts in a wide range of options in different sizes, designs, and even shapes. You can choose from different kinds of belts like round belts, flat belts, ribbed belts, etc. according to your industrial needs as each has its own specialty. We also offer our clients the freedom to customize these belts according to their specific needs and requirements.

Even belt-driven systems are of two different kinds one being the open belt drive system and the other being a cross belt drive. The open belt drive system has parallel rotating shafts that rotate in the same direction, unlike the cross-driven system which also has similar parallel rotating shafts but in the opposite direction. Open belt-driven systems are more common than cross belt-driven systems in many industries as they support all kinds of standard belts. But the correct application of a belt-driven system enhances the efficiency of the machine.

Transmission belts are designed to even handle chain drives and other shafts and require minimal maintenance. They have higher efficiency and are inexpensive and most importantly do not require axially aligned shafts to perform ensuring the uninterrupted running of machines protecting them without making them overloaded. You should always keep in mind certain factors like environmental and operational conditions before choosing any kind of system for your industry.