Product Details

The MITSUBA Timing Belt is designed with tooth profile feature better stress desperation and less noise drive at high speed operation. The belt is smooth engagement with the pulley, giving more power, longer service life, and greater dependability with the high ratio or high speed drives. We offer wide range for Automotive Application, such as, Japanese, Korean, Americans, and European Vehicle. Spec: CR (Suitable for Aftermarket) : FHN (Suitable for OES, Aftermarket) : H.NBR (Suitable for OES, OEM)


The MITSUBA timing belt is for maintenance-free performance on timing and positive drive applications.


  • MR
  • RU
  • YU
  • ZAS
  • ZA
  • ZBS
  • S8M
  • MY
  • ZB
  • STD
  • HTDN I (RPP)

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