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Shibam S P Traders offers a comprehensive variety of transmission belts for automotive and industrial sectors. Find here high-quality timing belts and transmission belts from various top brands such as Contitech. You can also browse a wide selection of branded transmission belts at competitive prices. Together with our globally recognized manufacturers such as Carlisle Power Transmission, we are proud to offer a complete power transmission package from the initial design, to supply, to installation. With different industrial belt combinations available at our store, we have the ability to handle virtually any power transmission application in key markets such as industrial machinery, construction, HVAC, mining, petroleum, agricultural, lawn and timber, garden, automotive, and recreation.

Our best quality transmission belts offer potential cost savings in running costs, energy bills, downtime, and overall operating cost. These products are made with stringent quality controls. We carry products of those manufacturers who aim towards product quality improvements and the development of the new system design. Some major features of our products are high resistance to abrasion, excellent flexibility with high tensile strength and minimum elongation, and long service life. At Shibam S P Traders, we are known for delivering specialty belting according to the needs of our customers. We through our transmission belts for sale ensure provide you with the products with the utmost quality and at a very affordable price.

A Brief Look Into What We Do?

As the official supplier of v belt automatic transmission, Shibam S P Traders holds a comprehensive range of conveyor belts and timing belts in stock at a very low price. At our company, we ensure we can dispatch our order the very same day. We are also known for delivering world-class special timing belts and banded belts. People from all across the UAE also call us a big distributor of pulleys, bearings, and oil seals.
Here you will find a huge choice, so we are quite confident that we offer the highest quality service and support available in the UAE today. At our company, we strive to provide you with an unbeatable choice in transmission belts.
Our belts and pulleys can be used in applications with high speeds and low torques such as pumps, and speed reducers for gearboxes and fans.
For help in identifying the appropriate belt or pulley required for your application, please contact your nearest Shibam S P Traders where our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team is waiting to assist.

Have a look at some of our major products:

Timing and Conveyor Belts
Special Timing Belts and Banded Belts
Pulleys, Bearings & Oil Seals

Salient Features of our Products:

Low stretch
Uniformity in Thickness & Width
Homogeneous cut
Higher longitudinal & transverse strengths
Lighter in weight so consuming less power
Higher levels of adhesion
Improved resistance to flex fatigue test
Controlled elongation
Available in a variety of colors and designs

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