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Dayco Belts

Dayco Belts

Industry Leader In Supplying A Wide Range Of Dayco Belts

Shibam S P Traders is a reputed name in supplying an exclusive variety of dayco belts. All of our belts are procured from the most renowned vendors in the industry where they are manufactured using high-quality raw materials. These products are used in diverse industries and appreciated by a large number of clients all across the world.

With rich industry experience and deep knowledge of the domain, we stock Dayco belts in different designs and styles. All our products are available at an affordable price range. As one of the top-notch belt suppliers in UAE, we are able to deliver our products to every nook and corner of the world. The availability of our large warehouse allows us to carry a wide range of products in a safe and secure manner.

With a firm and dedicated commitment to high quality, we have grown today as one of the Dayco Belt Suppliers in GCC. Owing to our fair and honest business policies, we at Shibam S P Traders have been able to win the trust of our worldwide clients.

Here Are Several Prominent Features Of Our Products:

·         High quality

·         Reasonable

·         Low maintenance

·         Easy handling

·         Varied specifications

Some Of the Major Products We Carry For Dayco Brand Are:

Dayco W Profile Poly Rib Belts

Dayco W profile belt has a revolutionary, multi-rib belt design, which is considered the most unique and innovative development in recent times. With its EPDM-compound construction and heavy-duty Aramid-reinforced, this belt product exceeds OE quality and provides the best possible solution to stressful driving problems.

Dayco Timing Belt

At Shibam S P Traders, we have a comprehensive array of Dayco timing belts at an exceptionally low price. These belts feature a patented self-lubricating, abrasion-resistant fabric which is great when it comes to providing longer pulley and belt life, while the molded cog design of the product gives off a quieter sound and is more cost-efficient than chain drives. Our belts feature a non-stretch cord and high-modulus glass fiber and are built to maintain the engine’s smooth operation for a long period of time.

Top Cog V-belts

The patented cogged top design of Dayco has been combined with the raw edge construction in order to ensure the top performance that today’s vehicles and drivers demand. We maintain a huge variety of Dayco Top Cog V-belts, which is known for delivering more flexibility and increases airflow around the belts. This is why these belts run cooler and last longer than their competitor V-belt products.

Gold Label V-belts

Dayco Top Cog Gold Label V belts are the industry leader in truck and heavy-duty applications. These belts are designed with greater absorbance in order to shock the load that is prevalent in diesel engines. Plus, they have a higher resistance to oil, heat, grease, and contaminants than any other V-belt products available on the market.

Gates Delta V Belts


V-BELTS For Compact Drives 


Polyurethane V-belt

These compact and strong belts with nominal top and width from 3 mm to 11 mm transmit more power and allow high-speed ratios. Polyflex is suited for extremely small and diameter pulleys and very compact drives with high rational speeds. Ideal for use on machines tools requiring high performances and smooth operation in limited space such as bench type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc.


Durable marking indicating type and dimension.


·         Polyurethane compound, superior to conventional belt materials, offers high fatigue and wear resistance and a high friction coefficient. It also improves adhesions to the tensils sords.

·         Polyurethane is extremely resistant to heat, chemicals, and oil.

·         Uniformily throughout Polyflex is ensured because the polyurethane compound is not layered but cast as single unit water the positioning of the tensile cords in the mold.

·         Ribbed top lateral rigidity without increasing bending stresses. The ribs also help to keep Polyflex belts running cool.

·         60 angle results in better support of the tensile section and provides a more even load distribution.


·         Design freedom and space savings which are not possible with conventional rubber construction belts.

·         Low maintenance cost as belts need less re-tensioning

·         Long Belt life on compact drives

·         Temperature ranges -54C up to +85 C

Gates Polyflex Belts


Developed by polyflex belts and produced to patented manufacturing processes, Gates Polyflex® JB™ belts provide more load-carrying capacity at higher speeds to small precision multiple V-belt drives. This results in significant cost savings and improved design freedom. Polyflex® JB™ belts are recommended for use on bench-type milling machines, lathe drives, woodworking and metalworking machine spindle drives, computer peripheral equipment, small blowers, etc. They are available in 3M-JB, 5M-JB, 7M-JB, and 11M-JB sections.

Polyurethane multiple V-belt


·         Joined belt construction improves stability.

·         Ribs relieve bending stress on small pulleys and provide lateral rigidity.

·         60° angle provides more undercard support to the tensile section and distributes the load more evenly.

·         Small cross-section meets special application needs such as high shaft speeds, small drive package size and smooth running requirements.

·         High modulus polyurethane compound with a high friction coefficient.

·         The precise casting method eliminates overlaps and layers.

·         Excellent adhesion of tensile cords and polyurethane compounds leads to high fatigue resistance and long belt life.

·         Extra toughness. The polyurethane compound resists fatigue, wear, and ozone.


·         Long belt life on small pulleys and compact drives.

·         Greater shaft speeds, up to 30,000 rpm.

·         High performance and smooth running for precision applications.

·         Cost savings and design freedom.

·         Avoids vibrations when subjected to shock loads.

Temperature ranges from -54°C up to +85°C.

automotive belt


Automotive Timing Belt

Automotive Belts are available in PJ and PM cross-sections. The figure below shows a cross-sectional view illustrating the nominal belt’s dimensions — rib width and belt height. Automotive v belts will operate in standard pulleys provided the pulleys are manufactured to the DN 4 7867 or ISO 9982 standard for the specific cross-section. We are the best automotive belts dealer in UAE, providing high-standard products at an affordable price.


·         Trusted ribs ensure the ability to reduce heat build-up and improve rib crack resistance. They also enhance load-carrying capacity on small diameter pulleys.

·         High modules low stretch polyester tensile member provides superior resistance to fatigue and shock loads.

·         All elastomeric rubber compound provides oil and heat resistance. Specially formulated fiber-reinforced under cord stock Improves belt stability.


·         Extremely smooth and cool running.

·         Very high power capacity per rib

·         Long life due to extra load-carrying capacity.

·         Improved performance on back idlers

·         Smaller drive package.

·         Tolerant of pulley groove debris.

·         Static conductive (ISO 1813) and can as such be used in the conditions described in the Directive 94/9/AC.ATEX.

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