How a bad quality belt could dent the profit chart of your company?

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A manufacturing company’s most valuable asset is- can you guess? The manufacturing process and all that comes along with it including the workforce, the labor, the machinery, etc. In fact, these processes are the core of a company and because of this even one of its aspects harmonizing inoperative could cost a hefty fortune- more like a stupid reason for a loss.

Well, delving deeper into this subject could illustrate how machines could affect the profit chart and how one glitch, no matter how tiny, could conclusively change the shape of a product; further rotting the company’s reputation. And there will be no better way to make this more understandable to you than a real-life example.

A pipe company had been using a belt in one of its machines for almost a year and a half. As a result, the v-belt had worn out slightly- so little that it was utterly unnoticeable. Although, the pipes that got in contact with the belt had an observable difference in diameters at their openings. So, if the opening at one end would be, say, for example, 3 centimeters; the other end would construct to be 2.5 centimeters. And this was turning out to be a big deal for the company’s customers.

Apparently, it was a small crack in the belt that caused it. But, it made a huge impact on its sales. In that context, the belts Shibam Belting provides have a better chance of not causing problems for you in the longer run. As you may know that we are the only ‘gates v belts distributors’ in the entire UAE, we can give you an assurance that the belts provided by us won’t prove to be a roadblock.

We also provide a slew of timing belts in Dubai, and in fact, the entire gulf and many other countries. Not just timing belts, we also provide best-in-class rubber conveyor belts as well, not to mention a massive range of industrial belts.

But, at the end of the day, you won’t be able to stop your machines from going all haywire. As, machines also have a lifeline, no matter how well you maintain it. Even though, you can have our assurance that if at all you experience any kind of problem with the products provided by us, we’ll be there to help. Cheers!

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