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The MITSUBA scooter belt has high endurance with lateral pressure of pulley and shows good conformity with CVT system. High modulus bottom fabric makes it possible to increase flexibility and enhanced compression makes more anti-heat resistance of the belt.


The MITSUBA scooter belt specially designed for variable speed applications tailored for maximum range rigidity for full tensile cord support. The belt tailored manufacturing for the variable speed drive and scooter needs.


  • W. GRADE


  • 5LW-7641-00-1
  • 23100-K VB-9010-M1
  • 27601-46G00
  • Full Range

Shibam Belting: Your Trusted Scooter Belt Supplier

Are you a scooter enthusiast looking to keep your ride running smoothly? Well, your search can end here! Let us at Shibam Belting give you the best scooter belts in UAE that will improve your riding experience. If you are planning to be zipping through the city traffic or exploring scenic routes, our scooter belts ensure optimal performance and reliability.

What are Scooter Belts?

A scooter belt is also known as a drive belt, is used in a scooter’s transmission system. It is this belt that is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, allowing for smooth acceleration and movement. Think of it as the heart of a scooter’s drivetrain, ensuring that power is efficiently delivered to propel you forward.

Scooter belts are highly versatile;therefore,it is one of the most important parts for various types of scooters. They are used in motor scooters, so that there is efficient transfer of power from the engine to the rear wheel. In electric scooters, they are important for transmitting power from the motor to the wheels, ensuring smooth acceleration and consistent performance. And guess what this makes the motor scooter eco-friendly as well. Also, Scooter belts are essential in recreational scooters, spanning from leisurely park rides to adventurous off-road excursions.

Why Choose Shibam Belting as Your Scooter Belt Supplier?

Now, why should you trust us for your Scooter belt needs? Here is why:

  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in delivering top-quality timing Scooter belts in UAE that meet the strictest industry standards, ensuring reliability and durability. We procure from reliable vendors, who use quality material in the production process.
  • Wide Range of Options: Whether you have a vintage Vespa or a modern electric scooter, we offer a diverse range of scooter belts to suit various makes and models. From standard replacements to high-performance upgrades, we have you covered.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that no two applications are the same, which is why we offer customizable Scooter belt solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Expertise and Support: With years of experience in the industry, each of our team of experts is here to assist you providing both technical support and guidance.

Never let worn-out belts slow you down. Contact us or visit our shop to find the perfect belt for your scooter.

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